Staying Hydrated

Friday, July 13, 2018

I absolutely love drinking water, but many people I know mention they need some help in this area. In my pre-water days, I did find it difficult drinking enough water. I didn't love the taste and I had a really difficult time keeping track of my water bottles (😛). Now, it's worth noting I have extremely dry skin all over, and my hydrophobic ways did not help my case one bit.  A few Winters ago, I couldn't manage the dryness and went looking for topical creams and products to help hydrate, and a Sephora employee asked me about my water intake. I told her I wasn't drinking enough and she kindly let me know that no product would reduce the dry skin if I didn't start drinking more water. I took her advice and haven't looked back.

Your body needs water in its natural state for every function it carries out. We lose water through mindless functions like breathing, digestion, and obviously sweating; so it's highly important we rehydrate. Water makes up a large portion of our organs (your brain is about 85%) and they cannot function properly when dehydrated. You may start to feel very sluggish, irritable, and experience digestion issues if you are not well hydrated. Your kidneys also use water to remove toxins from the body - which alone is a great reason to start drinking some more water. I also learned from the Sephora employee that your skin is the last organ to receive water molecules; which can lead to a dull and dry appearance. So while skincare products help our skin on the surface, we have to pair that with hydration to get the full effect! Wild!

If you know me personally, you've seen me with a handful of drink cups and tumblers filled with water. For a while I was using a $3 jug from Walmart that held 8 cups of water. That jug kept breaking, so I went looking for a sturdier alternative. I'm pretty hard on my water bottle as I throw it from my work bag to my gym bag and wherever else I need to go. It never leaves my side.

Now, I can't purchase anything without doing a little research first - so I spent a couple hours searching for the best water bottle on the market; the HydroFlask. I was a little weary about the price, but after having mine for a few weeks now - I totally get it. I chose the 1.8L bottle (the largest size) and I fill it up about twice a day. It keeps ice cold water ice cold for 24 hours and hot liquids hot for 12 hours. Even if the outside metal feels hot or cold, your drink is safe inside. There is also a lifetime warranty included if you tend to be a little rough with your things.

If you're not drinking enough water, now is the time to start! I've included my favourite Hydro Flask products and hydrating skincare products to get you started. Let me know what your water drinking goals are in the comment section below!

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