Spring Shopping

Monday, April 2, 2018

We've officially hit Spring (though the weather has some catching up to do) which prompts the ever popular Spring cleaning movement. I seriously enjoy Spring cleaning and look forward to it every year. Of all the Spring cleaning projects I tackle - my closet remains my favourite task. Year after year I get so excited to take every single piece of clothing out of my closet and deciding what gets to go back in. In short, the process is: trying on the items, seeing how it fits, seeing if it's in need of repair, and ultimately deciding whether or not to keep it. I can do an in-depth post on this if wanted. 

Once everything is put away or packed up for donation - I see what clothing I need for the season ahead. Today, I'm rounding up clothing I'll be adding to my closet once the purge is complete. I'm really looking forward to introducing more colour and lightweight fabrics back into my closet!

Will you be doing any Spring shopping?

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