Christian Dior at the Royal Ontario Museum

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The day I saw the announcement that the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) would have a selection of vintage Dior pieces as part of a limited run exhibition - I knew I had to see it. The ROM always has the bests exhibitions. Last summer I experienced the Blue Whale exhibit and it was seriously life-changing. I still talk about it all of the time and geek out about the giant preserved heart. 

Museums are so wonderful because there is something there for everyone. From world history to biodiversity, to fashion - museums are home to a wide array of things to explore. I managed to make it to the exhibit a couple days before it closed - and I'm so glad I made it. 

It was such a treat looking at all of the stunning dresses. Christian Dior is such an iconic designer, and I really loved learning about how he would plan designs, build them for specific models and showcase them in lavish presentations. I also loved seeing the hand embroidery. I was in awe of the attention to detail and sheer perfection of each dress. I caught myself thinking, "I would wear this now" at practically every dress I looked at. It takes a visionary to create something that will last the test of time - especially in an industry like fashion that is rapidly changing. 

I started off taking photos on my phone because I thought DSLR photos weren't allowed. I noticed a bunch of people taking DSLR photos after a while, so I went through the exhibit a third time to take some photos. 

I think it's pretty clear which dress was my favourite (😜). 

What a memorable day! After the exhibit, I walked around the rest of the museum (I couldn't resist), grabbed lunch at the museum's cafe and hopped on the train home! 

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