Scientists Who Selfie

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

If you are a part of the science community in any way, you've probably seen the Science magazine op-ed that essentially shames the way which some scientists choose to do outreach.

I love science. It's a vast and amazing field that evolves rapidly every day. There are so many discoveries being made in a variety of areas that it's sometimes really hard to keep up! I love carrying out experiments, researching and learning new things about our surroundings. More than all of that, I absolutely love talking about science. I could talk about science all day long and never get bored or tired. 

When I think about science communication, I think of how important it is to share science with the general public. Oddly enough, a lot of people trust science less than ever before. It's so important to have the skill to communicate complex scientific concepts in a way that is relatable and easily understood. This is why I deeply appreciate science Instagram accounts and see the huge value in their work. Scrolling through the science Instagram accounts is exciting, and I have never thought research time was being wasted on outreach. In fact, I feel inspired to think of ways I can use my platform to increase my personal science outreach! 

Through this unfortunate article, prominent science Instagrammer Science Sam started the hashtag #scientistswhoselfie to push back against the unfair criticism from the op-ed. This movement resonated with me personally, because I go by The Preppy Scientist - but rarely share the science part of that on my blog or social media. This is definitely something I'll be revisiting this year!  

Science is really evolving - so the way we communicate it must also evolve. So many people consume information through social media - and in order to really reach the public, it only makes sense for science to be there. I hope that fewer people will find sharing science on social media shallow and instead see the immense value in it!

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