Living Well

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Recently, I have been thinking about wellness and what it means to live well. There are so many websites dedicated to wellness and often the messages are mixed. What works for one person, may not work for another. 

Wellness is very personal as we all struggle with different things - but for me, I believe living well is having a good balance between everything and feeling good about it. Wellness to me encompasses physical, mental, financial and emotional health. Focusing on these things forces me to identify areas where I need to improve and find a solution to do so. 

So many of us are one some journey of self-improvement in one specific area of our lives, which makes sense because it's pretty difficult to think about a multitude of things at once - however I believe that simultaneously working on the different areas that we've identified as needing to improved yields better results. Why? Because the various areas of our lives are closely related and interact with one another. For example, when I'm feeling mentally healthy and strong - I perform better on my blog, at the gym and can handle issues better. On the flipside, when I'm not doing so well mentally, it's hard to be productive and I usually spend a lot of money on random things (which makes me stress out even more). 

When I make the conscious effort to live well in all areas of my life simultaneously, I have the best experience. It may seem overwhelming - but I like to think of it as building a home. When you build a strong foundation, the rest of the home is structurally sound. If you skimp on the foundation, the home's integrity is lost. 

Though it's a constant work in progress, it's well worth it. We need to be conscious of every moment we have and choose to make each one the best it can be!

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