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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scientists Who Selfie

If you are a part of the science community in any way, you've probably seen the Science magazine op-ed that essentially shames the way which some scientists choose to do outreach.

I love science. It's a vast and amazing field that evolves rapidly every day. There are so many discoveries being made in a variety of areas that it's sometimes really hard to keep up! I love carrying out experiments, researching and learning new things about our surroundings. More than all of that, I absolutely love talking about science. I could talk about science all day long and never get bored or tired. 

When I think about science communication, I think of how important it is to share science with the general public. Oddly enough, a lot of people trust science less than ever before. It's so important to have the skill to communicate complex scientific concepts in a way that is relatable and easily understood. This is why I deeply appreciate science Instagram accounts and see the huge value in their work. Scrolling through the science Instagram accounts is exciting, and I have never thought research time was being wasted on outreach. In fact, I feel inspired to think of ways I can use my platform to increase my personal science outreach! 

Through this unfortunate article, prominent science Instagrammer Science Sam started the hashtag #scientistswhoselfie to push back against the unfair criticism from the op-ed. This movement resonated with me personally, because I go by The Preppy Scientist - but rarely share the science part of that on my blog or social media. This is definitely something I'll be revisiting this year!  

Science is really evolving - so the way we communicate it must also evolve. So many people consume information through social media - and in order to really reach the public, it only makes sense for science to be there. I hope that fewer people will find sharing science on social media shallow and instead see the immense value in it!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Best Athleisure under $100

Sweater // Leggings (similar) // Shoes

Athleisure is hands down my favourite trend ever. I schedule my workouts wherever I can, so it's important that I'm always ready to go. I keep my gym bag stocked with all the essentials and try to be half-dressed for a workout. It's really important that my leisure wear can take me from running errands directly to the gym without a thought. There are so many amazing brands who carry great athleisure pieces - and in the widget below I'm rounding up some of my favourites under $100. 

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Closet Refresh with Old Navy

Spring is definitely on its way, and while I'm more than ready - my closet is not. I have some great pieces from past seasons but I would definitely benefit from a refresh. I'm on a shopping hiatus until Easter (😒) but I can't help but look at all the beautiful new arrivals from my favourite brands, and hoard my favourite items in my shopping cart until the end of the month!

product photo

Right now, Old Navy is absolutely killing it. I had to double check my browser bar to make sure I was on their website. The Spring New Arrivals are so classic with a fun twist and remind me of J. Crew. I love the pattern mixing on classic silhouettes and the use of embroidery on otherwise simple items. 

One thing I love about Old Navy is the range of sizes they carry in store and online. Generally, you can find an item in your size in all the categories. If you're unsure about sizing, I'd recommend ordering a couple of sizes because you can return whatever doesn't work out in store. The prices are also amazing if you are working with a budget. There is almost always an online offer plus free shipping with $50 orders. 

I picked out my favourite items and you can shop them using the widget below!
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

City Chic with Joe Fresh

Sweater // Pants // Shoes (similar) // Jacket // Glasses

There is nothing better than a mid-winter warm up. I got to temporarily put my winter coat away and sport this fun faux leather jacket instead. This Joe Fresh sweater is one of my favourite purchases to date. The knit fabric mixed with the turtleneck makes this sweater so cozy and warm! I also love that it's long enough to wear with leggings for a more casual and relaxed look. 

I love Joe Fresh because it's a Canadian brand with cute clothes in a wide range of sizes. Plus, you can shop the brand online and in your local grocery store (seriously).

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Monday, February 26, 2018

The #MinsGame

One of my major goals for this year is to embrace simplicity. I really want to focus on trimming the excess from my life in various areas. One of the largest areas where I had accumulated excess was in material possessions. Wherever I looked - I would see so much 'stuff' and get so irritated. I knew I had to do something drastic and searched the internet for a solution. 

Now, there are many clutter challenges online - but the Minimalist Game by The Minimalists is what stood out to me the most. These guys are super popular around social media and I totally get why. 

Essentially, you rid yourself of items day by day, which is slightly less overwhelming than doing a complete overhaul at once. With the challenge, you build yourself up by getting rid of an increasing number of items as the days of the month progress (so: 1 item on day one, two items on day two, three items on day three). You can get rid of the items any way you wish (throw away, donate, sell) but the rules state that the item must leave your possession by midnight of that same day (more on this later). 

I committed myself to this challenge and it began for me on January first with a huge stack of outdated Nylon magazines (RIP). I wasn't really attached to these magazines, so it was easy to recycle them. As the days progressed, though, I found it increasingly difficult to part with my 'stuff'. By the second week of the challenge, I was forced to think about the value the items were or weren't adding value to my life and it was not easy - but that is the point. 

There were a few days where I was so angry with myself for accumulating so much 'stuff' that I didn't need for the sake of having it. The challenge opened my eyes to how much I mindlessly accumulate and how trapped I was by these possessions. The hardest part though was getting rid of things that were given to me. Sentimental clutter it's called. For this, I had to consult a handful of online articles for some guidance (this article was so helpful). 

I followed through with the challenge and finished it on January 30th. In the end, I parted with over 300 items and I have never felt better! Full disclosure: I still have some of the items in my possession because they are waiting to be picked up by their new owners! This was the only rule I compromised on because it's not realistic to sell or donate things in one day - but if I knew the items were going to be tossed out, they were tossed on the same day. 

If you're interested in seeing everything I parted with, I made a highlight on Instagram that you can watch! With March coming up in a few days and Spring following shortly after - I know many people start to think about Spring cleaning. Personally, I think the #MinsGame is a great way to clear up clutter for Spring. I can't call myself a minimalist by any means, but every day I make a conscious effort to be aware of what I accumulate and ways I can cut back. 

You can find some more information on the game over at The Minimalists website. 

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Weekend Links

We made it to Friday - and that is worth celebrating! We had a welcome break with the Family Day long weekend and the weather was so beautiful! This Winter has been absolutely brutal so I really hope Spring sneaks in early (despite what Wiarton Willie had to say). 

Chamomile Lavender Latte!

1. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
This was probably one of the most exciting things to happen on Family Day. Tessa and Scott are truly Canada's sweethearts and the whole country (and even some other countries) were rooting for them to take the gold in ice dancing. I was way too nervous to watch the event live, so I kept checking Twitter to see if they had won - and I was so happy they did. Figure skating is one of those sports where the scoring isn't really clear or well understood, but what I do know is Tessa and Scott skated their hearts out and told two beautiful stories. What a way to end two decades of partnership!

2. Weekend Projects
I have been a huge fan of Apartment Therapy for years, and my favourite content on their website is the Weekend Project series. Every Friday, an e-mail is sent out with a small home improvement project. As we move into Spring, these projects are a fun and easy way to ease into Spring cleaning!

3. Stella Bow Heels
I've given up shopping for Lent - but I absolutely love these shoes. I hope they're still around after Easter!

4. Florida Teens
I have so much respect and admiration for the teens in Florida working hard to fight gun violence. Regardless of where you identify politically, I'm sure we can all agree that schools should be safe for all students at all times - and these teens are doing heavy lifting to make sure that happens. 

5. Black kids watching Black Panther
I saw Black Panther on Monday and it was incredible! This is the first Marvel movie with a Black superhero as the lead - which is honestly long overdue. I think it's so important for people of colour to see themselves and their culture represented well in film! The pictures are so touching and I was a little emotional scrolling through the post!

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