My Cool Weather Favourites!

Friday, October 27, 2017

I am obsessed with watching favourites videos on YouTube. I'm always really interested in seeing what products the beauty gurus and lifestyle vloggers are using so that I can try them out for myself! I thought I could share some of the items I'm loving right now - as we're starting to move into cooler weather. My favourites are a mixture between clothing, beauty and home products!

Vest // Quilted vests are perfect for cooler weather. Some days are simply not cold enough for a full coat, so a thick sweater with a vest on top is a great option. A vest is definitely a staple in any Fall and early Winter wardrobe.

Hair mask // I have very curly hair and it tends to dry out as soon as it gets cold. In order to retain some moisture, I like to use a hair mask once a week. I like this one because the formula is thick and doesn't leave a mess. I've also noticed a huge difference in the shine and bounce of my curls! 

Socks // I don't think it's possible to get through cool weather without cozy socks. I don't like to use too much heat indoors because it dries out my hair, skin and nails - plus it's just uncomfortable. Wearing socks inside of the house keeps me warm and comfortable and it doesn't hurt that they are so cute!

Boots // A staple. I really couldn't survive late Fall/early Winter without my boots. I did a whole post on them here!

Candle // There is nothing better than lighting a lovely candle after a long day. I have a huge collection of candles as I can't seem to control myself when I come across a good candle. Right now, I've been burning a lot of pumpkin scents - but my Winter and Christmas scent collection is growing! 

Scrub // This sea salt scrub is great for getting rid of dry skin. You can use it in the shower or before you hop in the shower if your skin is extra dry like mine. I can't believe how smooth my skin feels after I use the scrub and it smells sooo good! 

Coat // This light coat is great for rainy days or days where a vest won't cut it. It is lined, so there is an element of warmth - but the shell is not heavy like a winter coat. 

Scarf // I love scarves! I have so many that I rotate in and out depending on my outfit and mood. This window pane pattern is so classic and would work with just about anything!

Pants // Elastic hem pants are perfect for a short person like me, plus this pair is super comfortable! I wear them around the house and they fit like a dream!

Hand cream // Between frequent washing, cold weather, and indoor heating my hands are always the driest part of my body. This hand cream is super light and the scent is refreshing rather than overly fragrant!

Lip balm // My holy grail product. Since I was introduced to this product, I have never used anything else for my lips. It's perfectly light, not at all sticky and the scent is so fresh. My lips absolutely love this stuff! I highly recommend! 

What are your favourites right now?

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