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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I posted a few photos of my LL Bean boots over on Instagram (follow me here) and surprisingly received a handful of questions about them. I've had my Bean boots for about five winters now and I cannot stress enough how great they are. I have an abnormally sized foot for my height (I'm 5'2 and wear a size 12 wide women's shoe) which makes it near impossible to find shoes. 

I remember growing up and dreading winter boot shopping because it was so difficult. I would almost always end up having to buy a men's utility boot while everyone else had really cute ones! What I would give to know about LL Bean back then! I'm way happier now because I've found a stylish, well fitting and most importantly warm pair of boots that have lasted me through 5 Canadian winters and are in perfect condition for 5 more. 

Because I don't have an LL Bean store nearby (most of us don't) I had to purchase my shoes online, which was surprisingly tricky! There are quite a few options on the website - so today I'm going to break it down for you!

1. Height
Decide on the height of your boot. Like I mentioned, I am short - but the snow here can get quite high. I decided to go with the 6" boot for myself. It hits me above the ankle and once tied, no snow gets in. If you are on the taller side or experience a lot of snow it may make more sense to purchase a taller boot. 

2. Style
There are so many different styles of the Bean boot now, compared to when I purchased mine. I love the classic brown, but the Navy and Maple boot options are nice as well. There are also different options when it comes to the lining. You can opt for Thinsulate, shearling or flannel lined boots. I have the Thinsulate lined boots and I find them to be perfect for Winter! If you're unsure about lining options, I would recommend going for an unlined boot and adjusting your sock choice to the weather. 

3. Sizing
This is the trickiest part. Because I have a large foot, I have convinced myself that I always wear the largest size no matter the company. If you can relate to that - I have some advice for you. Listen to the sizing advice on the website! The boots do run large and wide. Unless you always plan to wear very heavyweight, thick socks with the boots - you need to size down a whole size. If you are a half size, you should still size down to the nearest whole size (so shoe size: 11 LL Bean size:10. Shoe size 11 1/2 LL bean size 10). I made the mistake of ignoring the size guide the first time ordering and it was a whole production to get the right size in. Follow the size guide!!!!

PS: Bean boots almost always become back-ordered, so shop now!

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