Herringbone Fleece Sweater

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

It feels so great to be back! I had to take a week off for my mental health and it was definitely the right decision. I feel refreshed and not burdened by my never-ending to-do list. Though I wasn't posting to the blog, I was still around on Instagram and Twitter. I'm trying to get more into both Instagram and Twitter and I'd love if you would follow me on those channels. 

Now to the outfit. Navy and white is a pretty basic colour combination - but I simply love how they look together. I am still wearing white jeans because Mother Nature hasn't quite clued into the fact that it's Fall. I found the herringbone sweater at Winners and didn't question whether or not I'd be buying it. It fits so wonderfully and the herringbone pattern is so classic. A navy top and my trusty white jeans round out the outfit and whenever it gets cooler, I can switch them out for blue jeans and boots! 

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