Lavender Fields Forever

Friday, July 28, 2017

One of my top summer activities includes a visit to the local lavender farm. Lavender is a hard plant to grow in Canada but Terre Bleu has mastered it and it's such a wonderful place to visit. There are thousands of lavender plants in many different varieties. My personal favourite is the white petaled lavender because it is very unique and stands out among the purple. 

Another great thing about the farm is the amount of pollination that happens there. When you go out into the fields, you hear a consistent buzz coming from all of the different types of bees pollinating the lavender plants. The farm also has its own apiary and they sell lavender honey and beeswax candles and also lavender ice cream (😍)and lemonade!

I always look forward to visiting the farm and taking in everything it has to offer. The season is almost over so I'll hang on to these photos until next year!

Dress // Cardigan // Shoes // Bag // Glasses

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