iPhone Snaps + Tips for a Staycation

Monday, July 24, 2017

It was my birthday this past Tuesday and I've been having so much fun celebrating. I turned 25 which is kind of a huge deal! To celebrate I had a small party and took a small stay-cation to visit my friends from university!

I am obsessed with these shoes and this sweater from Club Monaco. I saw them in store and fell in love immediately!

Snaps from my birthday party! I held it at a Victorian home turned restaurant and it was such a great experience. We had a small private room upstairs with personal service. The food was so good and everyone had a great time!

Lavender from my garden!

These lavender pancakes were SO delicious! I would eat them every day if I could.

Now for some staycation tips:

1. Once you've chosen a location, decide on your transportation. If you want the flexibility of going wherever you'd like, maybe driving is for you. If you're looking for ultimate relaxation, consider taking the train 

2. Check Instagram for ideas on local attractions. 
There are likely pamphlets at the hotel with ideas on where to go and what to see, but I find that looking up the location on Instagram gives you a better idea of what the locals enjoy compared to tourist traps. 

3. Don't work!
Photos aside, I made a real effort to stay away from my phone and e-mail over the weekend. It was really nice to just spend time with friends and relax. I was able to clear my mind and now I feel mentally prepared to take on the upcoming week!

Do you have a staycation coming up?

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