Sleeveless Tunic and White Jeans

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I had been looking for the perfect white jeans to wear throughout summer - but not having a lot of luck. After browsing for what seemed like forever - I found a great pair at Old Navy. Now - these are not just regular white jeans. These are 'stay white' jeans, which I did not know even existed. 

I decided to buy them because of this fun feature and also because the fit was great. I have incredibly short legs, so I usually have to go with a capri or ankle length jean for it to fit at the perfect length. Anything longer than that, and I usually have to have the pants cut, and it ends up looking really bad. 

I put the jeans to the test by wearing them into the city. For me to get into the city I have to: drive to the train station, get on the train, walk to the subway, take the subway and walk to wherever I'm going from there. That day I also decided to join a friend for a picnic in a park. When I say test, I really mean it! 

I really liked the way the jeans looked with this seersucker top. It ended up being a super light outfit and I wore it on a particularly hot day. 

The earrings are so fun and complete the outfit perfectly!

In the end, the jeans actually stayed white. I was skeptical, but clearly had no reason to be. I'm excited to wear the jeans throughout the summer and not worry about them getting dingy! 

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