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Monday, June 5, 2017

Last week was pretty exciting and I've currently been reliving it through pictures. Sometimes it's hard to share everything that goes on behind the scenes because I'll only take one or two photos here and there - which is not enough for an entire blog post! 

A new juice pressery opened up near my house and I decided to check it out. They had cold-pressed juice (my favourite) along with smoothie bowls and small meals!

The absolute best chai latte I've ever had. I always add extra cinnamon on top. 

A beautiful neighbourhood in The Annex.

The only preserved Blue Whale heart! More on that here.

Editing photos for the blog. I don't use a professional photographer - so I end up editing everything myself. I enjoy the process and learning more about photography so it's a win-win! 

More lattes - and a fantastic vegan donut. 10/10 folks!

My FAVOURITE day. This concert was supposed to happen two weeks ago but it was postponed because of flooding at the venue. It POURED rain for most of the show, but I didn't care. Chance the Rapper is such an incredible artist and it was such a joy to see him perform live. 

A quick bathroom selfie before the concert (before I was completely drenched). I wrote a post about the shorts I have on here.

Queen's Park is Toronto's version of Central Park. You can get to different parts of the city by walking through the park and there are many different sights to see. It's a great place for a picnic with friends or people watching. 

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