My (in between seasons) skincare favourites!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Though we are in the thick of May, the weather hasn't quite reflected that. Some days are beautifully warm while others are super cold. I have super dry skin and over time I've found that the weather definitely affects the level of dryness on any given day. 

I've tested many, many products over time and always come back to a handful which I consider my favourites. 

Rose face mask // I love this stuff. First, it smells like roses. Second, it leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. It's a really gentle mask and it's great for everyday use. It's definitely a higher-end item, but a little goes a long way - you don't need much to see a difference.

Bubble Gum lip scrub // My lips get really chapped when it's cold - so this mask is great to buff away dead skin and keep my lips soft!

Cup of Coffee mask // Another Lush product makes the list! This mask literally smells like a cup of coffee, which is perfect for use in the morning. I definitely feel more awake after using this mask and the coffee grounds are a perfect natural exfoliator and an alternative to harmful microbeads.  

Ole Henriksen cleansing milk // I love this hydrating cleanser. It lathers up super well which leaves my skin feeling really clean, but also soft.

Evian facial spray // This is literally just mineral water in a compressed can, but I still love it. You have to hydrate both from inside (by drinking water) but also from outside. Considering that many of us do not drink enough water, much of what we do drink doesn't make it to our skin. A facial spray gives your skin a boost and leaves it feeling fresh!

Rosebud Salve // This product has a cult following for a reason. After a lip scrub, putting on rosebud salve locks in moisture for the rest of the day and leaves my lips feeling super soft!

Breath of Fresh Air // One more lush product! This is a sea salt toner - which is what you need right after cleansing. Sea salt spray is very hydrating - which is just what dry skin needs.

Coconut oil // I don't endorse any particular brand of coconut oil, just make sure the oil you buy is in a glass jar. Glass preserves the nutrients within the coconut oil and is also indicative of a higher quality product. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and makeup remover. 

What are your skin care favourites?

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