Day to Night: Work to Poetry Reading

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to see Rupi Kaur live for a small poetry reading. She is originally from my hometown, so it was really awesome to have the opportunity to attend the reading.If you haven't heard of Rupi Kaur, you should definitely check out her work (after reading this blog post of course!) She is a very talented writer and passionate performer. Her main piece of work Milk and Honey explores love, pain, and womanhood. It's a deeply touching story and I was thrilled to see her perform it live!

Now on to what I wore. I had to work just before the event and we have to wear all black. This is a huge issue for me because I love wearing colour! I tried to think of what would transform my all black ensemble quickly and painlessly. I ended up choosing a white peplum top which I knew would be easy to change into and wouldn't wrinkle. 

You can shop similar pieces of my outfit using the widget below:

How do you take work outfits from day to night?

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