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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Today we are on the heels of a new year and honestly, I feel super weird about it. Like many people, this year has had a lot of challenges and very few triumphs. After some reflection on the past and thought to the future, I've carved out some goals that I will commit myself to achieving in the new year.

One // Back to blogging
I love blogging. It's great to have a space that is completely my own and it's even better that people want to share that with me! 2016 did not leave a lot of room for the blog and it was pretty devastating.in 2017, I will return to consistent posting of quality content. 

Two // Travel
I traveled here and there this year, but I think I'm ready for a lot more! Canada is celebrating 150 years of confederation and all national parks have free admission. I hope to visit as many places as I can (Banff is #1 on my list) and document it on the blog. 

Three // Save 
I was at the bank yesterday, and a teller told me I'm the perfect age to start saving for retirement. Retirement is not really something I think about considering I've barely started my career - but after speaking briefly with an advisor I realize that it is important to start saving early! I made an appointment and can document that here as well.

Four // Workout 
I've been working out semi-consistently for the past little while and I love it! It's such a great feeling when you realize that you're becoming stronger over time. Currently, I'm using BBG with weight training, but I'm thinking I'd like to start training for a short run or something along those lines next year!

Five // Heal
Full disclosure: I've experienced a lot of emotional trauma for the past 6-7 years. It is very, very, very difficult to live with this - and in 2017 I really hope to start undoing a tangled web of pain. I am so grateful for the people who I can rely on for support, and I'm sure 2016 would have been much worse without them. I've learned one step forward is still forward - and that's the direction I'd like to move in.

I'm feeling hopeful for 2017, but I also know that I have a lot of work to put in. I hope you'll join me for the ride!


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