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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's been such a long time since one of these posts have been up on the blog. I love writing these ones because I love knowing that I'm not alone in some of my quirks!

1. To vacuum clean carpet just to see the vacuum lines
2. To hate-watch Pretty Little Liars on a weekly basis 
3. To only eat the top of a muffin
4. To have your mom call you and fake an emergency so you can leave a party
5. To park far away from other cars so that no one parks beside you
6. To trap your cat in your bedroom so she's forced to spend time with you
7. To watch the same snapchat story over and over again
8. To cry in the backroom at work because some days are hard
9. To watch 5 different makeup tutorials but settle on mascara and lipgloss
10. To let yourself feel whatever you're feeling

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