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Monday, July 6, 2015

I added Super Sad Super True Love Story to my reading list after Goodreads suggested it to me and I will say that it lives up to it's title. It's going to be difficult to review this book without spoiling it, but I'll try my best! 

Set in a futuristic society that is super focused on shopping, media and life expectancy; Lenny - a life expectancy extender by trade - falls in love with Eunice - an aspiring law student - and the story unfolds from there. The story is told using a mixture narrative, e-mail and diary entries.

Overall, this book is quite sad and strangely political, but it's also really, really good. You will definitely feel sympathy for both characters and notice the strong parallels to the society we are living in today. The author - Gary Shteyngart - was definitely on to something and he got it right with this book. 

Definitely worth a chance if you are looking for a quick but though provoking read!

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