Lilly Pulitzer App!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

If you missed the special announcement last night - Lilly Pulitzer has released an app! Currently the app is only available on the iOS platform. Hopefully it will be available on the Android platform soon! I took some time to browse the app and I must say that it's pretty awesome.

The icon that shows up on your home screen is very pink and very Lilly Pulitzer!

When you open the app, there are a few choices. You can start exploring the app right away or you can login/create a new account if you wish. This doesn't change much about the app itself - but it does make shopping easier for you and gives you access to exclusive content. 

The discover tab promises little facts about the brand and Lilly herself each day. Clicking the 'squeeze me' banner by the orange will take you to this page! This feature is really nice and I'm interested to see what facts will be presented each day. From this menu you can also shop any new arrivals. 

What would a Lilly Pulitzer app be without the option to shop? All of the items are categorized by type, which makes it super easy to find what you are looking for. If you're not in the mood to browse there is a search bar at the very top!

This last feature is probably my favourite! You can browse through the newest prints, try to 'spot the Lilly' and learn about what inspired the print. You can also shop all items available in the print you are exploring! 

I think this app is fun and perfect for any Lilly lover. I'm currently wasting time browsing through every nook and cranny. Download it now!

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  1. SO SO SO excited that Lilly created this app! Really excited to use it in the future and I can't wait for my Lilly agenda to come this month :)


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