Lessons from New York City Ballet

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I was introduced to New York City Ballet while binge watching YouTube videos. There is a really great series by AOL about the company, that's on it's second season now. It takes you behind the curtain and you get to learn about individual dancers as well as the amazing staff who keep the company alive. You can watch that series here

During the performance, the dancers sit watching in the wings cheering each other on. Despite the fact that there are daily performances, Avery Lin says they don't get bored thanks to the rotating casts. "Everybody dances each one so differently," she says.

Behind the Scenes of 'The Nutcracker' Ballet - New York City Ballet's Production of 'The Nutcracker' - Elle

I love everything about ballet. The discipline, hard-work, perseverance, athleticism and desire for perfection are traits about ballet dancers that I admire. I also love the beautiful sets and costumes (who doesn't) and also the way that a ballet comes together. Watching the series taught me exactly how much time and work goes into putting a show on stage and I think it's something that can be applied to life and blogging. 

Portfolio: Behind the Curtain at the New York City Ballet - The Cut

New York City Ballet, ballerinas, dancers, stage, backstage, costume / Garance Doré

Personally, I always wish to be polished and ready for the world. I often get discouraged when things are not ready or don't happen right away. It's easy to forget that the process is just as important as the results, and that is definitely a less you can take away from ballet. Hard work behind the scenes is the only way to prepare yourself to put something great out into the world. With blogging especially, we are flooded with beautiful outfits, Instagrams and attention; but must remember it's hard work that brings the success! It may look effortless, but truly it is not. 

Behind the scenes of the New York City Ballet.

Behind the curtain at the New York City Ballet

Keep working hard because the fruits of your labour will be so fulfilling!

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