Doors Open Toronto: The Bata Shoe Museum

Monday, May 25, 2015

This past weekend there was a really cool cultural event in Toronto called Doors Open Toronto. Over one hundred historically, culturally or architecturally significant buildings were open wide to the public with free admission! I heard about the event kind of late, so I didn't get to visit as many locations as I would have liked - but the event as a whole is really cool. 

I got to spend the most time at the Bata Shoe Museum and it was really cool! There are a ton of shoes dating back to the beginning of civilization, and also every possible type of shoe you can think of (even Polly Pocket shoes). 

These sparkly red shoes belonged to Sonja Bata, who is the founder of the shoe museum. She started the museum in 1979 after collecting shoes from various parts of the world. Her husband owned the Bata shoe company, and when they would travel Sonja would take home a pair of shoes that best represented the place they had traveled to!

Roger Federer's shoes!

Kinky boots!

I really enjoyed the museum! I (surprisingly) learned a lot about shoes and saw some really interesting footwear! Doors Open is a great way to get out into the community and learn some new things!

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