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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stylish eye wear is super important to me because my glasses never leave my face. I can't function without them, and therefore they have to look good with every single outfit I wear. This can be quite challenging at times. There are so many frame options out there, but they can definitely get expensive.

Enter Warby Parker. They offer affordable and stylish frames, at a really awesome price point. I also love that you can request to have a few pairs sent to your home to try on. It's always better to try out a pair of glasses for a a few days in my opinion. A couple of minutes in an optical store can feel pretty rushed and buyer's remorse is a lot more complicated with glasses.

I also love Warby Parker's philanthropy! They donate one pair of glasses for every pair purchased. This means someone who may not have the resources to get the glasses they need, will receive a pair when you purchase! How great is that?!
Eyeglasses - Finch in Violet Magnolia

Sunglasses - Raglan in Jet Black

Eyeglasses - Welty in Whiskey Tortoise

Sunglasses - Abel in Burnt Lemon Tortoise

Eyeglasses - Goodney in Jet Black

Sunglasses - Madison in English Oak

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Can you live without your frames?!

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