Spring Skincare and Makeup

Monday, March 23, 2015

For some reason, my skin is very quick to adapt to a change in season. Thankfully, we are starting to get into warm weather, so the dryness is going away and my face isn't always in pain. Because of this, I have to cut back on the super thick moisturizers, gels and cremes; as not to clog my pores. 

The end of Winter also means I can play around with makeup again. Typically in the Winter, my skin is so dry that makeup just sits on my face and looks horrible. Now, I can put on some blush and have it look natural or wear eye makeup and not have to worry about tears washing everything away!

These are the products that I'm currently using, and I love them!

What are your spring beauty favourites?

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  1. clinique yellow moisturiser is the best!




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