Hey It's Okay - Sick Edition

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I'm messing up the natural order of things on the blog for a 'special' post. If you follow me on Twitter, then you may know that I have been very, very sick for the past few days. I am feeling much better today, and decided that a blog post was in order - after days of neglect. 

I've noticed that when I'm sick (which is a very rare occurrence) that all sense and order go out the window. I always start off super optimistic about getting well soon, but as the reality sets in so does my misery. Currently, I feel tired, I'm behind on important work and my apartment is a nightmare. I would do ANYTHING to feel better. I'm sure some of you can relate!

1. To pretend that everything is fine and that you are not sick (despite having all symptoms)
2. To explain to everyone that you feel fine, after receiving many disapproving looks
3. To excuse yourself from a meeting, so you can cough without judgement
4. To return from your cough and have everyone tell you to go home5. To convince yourself that you'll feel 100% better tomorrow, despite what the doctor said
6. To go on a diet of oranges, orange juice, lemon tea and cough drops
7. To convince yourself that having a sore throat and dry cough is what dying must feel like
8. To cry when you run out of oranges, orange juice, lemon tea and cough drops
9. To whine about every minor inconvenience 
10. To sleep for 20 hours, and feel perfect fine sleeping for 20 more

I hope you aren't sick today, but if you are - know that we are in this together!
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