Florals for Spring....Groundbreaking.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I love flowers, specifically gardens. Cut flowers are a thoughtful gift and are nice to brighten up a living space, but gardens are so beautiful and calming! I could spend an entire day gardening or walking through a garden, if my allergies would let me. I definitely have a green thumb. Since I can't spend my days laying in a bed of flowers, I'll have to opt for floral clothing!

Some may think that floral clothing is dated and ages you, but there are some really beautiful and contemporary options out there!

How do you wear florals?

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PS: Bonus points for you if you caught on to my movie reference in the title!


  1. I love florals! I think that they're really fresh and always look so classy! I don't know why everyone hates :(

  2. I love your post title-I ALWAYS think of that quote with spring! I love florals and have been looking to snag a couple floral dresses/skirts !


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