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Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Friday! It's getting close to 'Spring' break here, so the work is really being piled on. I can't complain though, because soon I'll be on my way to Jamaica for an entire week! I can't remember the last time I took a proper vacation - so I'm really excited about this trip. Sun, sand, and no school...what else can a girl ask for?

Here are your weekend links:

We Are The Champions - Jimmy Fallon

I love Jimmy Fallon videos. They are so fun, just like this one! A bunch of super famous singers belting out 'We Are the Champions' is a great pick me up for the worst of days!

Reebok - Be More Human

I really like the message in this video. Pushing yourself to be a better person physically and internally is definitely something I can get behind. It's really easy to stay in a comfort zone, but progress doesn't happen there. I've been taking yoga classes 3-4 times a week and it's a challenge. Some of the poses are very physically demanding and I often find myself wanting to skip or modify a pose out of fear. I''m slowly starting to push myself and seeing results, so this video is a great motivation on harder days.

Saved By The Bell Reunion - Jimmy Fallon

This video has gone absolutely viral...for obvious reasons. I remember watching this show every morning before grade school, so it's great to see everyone back together many years later. Not to mention the references to the show are hilarious and spot on!

HONY x Ellen
This whole story makes me very emotional for some reason. What started as a normal HONY post, has turned into over one million dollars raised and crazy media attention for a small school in a rough area of New York. If you haven't been following this story - I suggest you watch this video and check out the posts on the HONY Facebook account. This story will definitely move you.

Floral Gift Finder

This fun interactive tool is perfect for Valentine's Day! No matter how well you know someone, selecting the perfect floral gift can be a difficult decision. Should you choose a fresh bouquet or a long-lasting plant? Is it better to give her favorite color or something to match her living room? If your head is spinning with options, Pro-Flowers can help! Answer a few questions about the recipient and get a recommendation for a unique floral gift based on their personality. I took the quiz and got an Orchid (pictured above) which is exactly what I would have chosen for myself!

Have a great weekend!


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