Jamaica (30 in 365 Update)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm back from Jamaica and feeling great! I really enjoyed taking an actual break from everything and soaking in the sun! One of the items on my 30 in 365 list was to take a real vacation. I can't remember the last time that I've done this. Between school, work and blogging - it can be really hard to step away from everything. I made a conscious effort to not worry about my to-do list and to focus on the experiences unique to Jamaica. 

I spent some time relaxing at the beach. Saltwater truly can cure anything. The temperature was perfect and the water was so clear. I can't step foot on a Canadian beach ever again!

Coconut water from the coconut itself is a must when in Jamaica! 

Coconut was a recurring theme during my trip. These are coconut crusted shrimp. They were SO delicious. 

The value of the Jamaican dollar is really low. There are many political reasons behind it and I hope that one day this beautiful country will prosper economically again! This $700 (JAD) bottle of Nutella, is equal to about $8 in Canada! 

More beautiful blue water! This time in Negril - home of Rick's Cafe. At Rick's Cafe, cliff divers jump from very high up to entertain the guests. Tourists are also invited to cliff jump - if they dare. It was really fun to watch, but I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to attempt it myself!

The last planned activity I did was to tour the Green Grotto Caves. The caves have a rich history and were used by the Spanish during the British takeover, Slaves and the indigenous tribes of Jamaica. The caves were VERY dark and there are lots of bats! Despite that, I really enjoyed learning some history of Jamaica and seeing nature at work. 

I spent the rest of my time relaxing, walking around downtown and taking in all of the gorgeous views. I was even able to disconnect from technology for a full two days! I highly recommend visiting Jamaica for vacation and hope to return soon! Until then, I will force myself to function in the absolutely freezing temperatures that we are being hit with right now!


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  1. Such beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a fun trip and truly found time to relax and put aside everything else simply enjoying where you were. I need to do a vacation of sorts where I on purpose take a break to enjoy everything around me.


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