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Friday, January 9, 2015

These past few days have been crazy! I'm trying to adjust to the Holidays being over and a new semester. This week's post is a quick read since I have a lot of unpacking and organizing ahead of me!

73 Questions with Victoria Bekham
These 73 questions videos are becoming a huge favourite of mine! Victoria Bekham is kind of mysterious so I was very interested in hearing her answers! She is pretty hilarious!

Sia - Elastic Heart
This music video has gone viral over the past few days! I am a huge Dance Mom's fan and I'm really happy to see Maddie's dance career take off. To be honest, I had to watch this video a few times in order to 'get it' but it was so worth it! It's very stunning! 

carried away. shop new arrivals.

Kate Spade has launched a really fun collection! The items are dreamy, quirky and cute! There are also tons of items that are perfect for Valentine's Day!!

Have a great weekend!

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