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Friday, November 14, 2014

I'm definitely in the Christmas spirit. We had our first snowfall yesterday and since Candian Thanksgiving has come and gone - the only thing to look forward to is Christmas! I'm really excited to keep working on gift guides and other holiday themed posts! They truly are my favourite ones to write!

Here are your weekend links!

The Waiting Game - Kate Spade
Forget Kim Kardashian, I'm certain this video broke the internet....or at least the Kate Spade website. Shortly after its release, the Kate Spade website was down! Anyway, this video is the most adorable thing ever. I love Anna Kendric - she is so fun! If you head over to the Kate Spade website, you can actually shop directly from the video!

Taylor Swift and Greg James Sing Blank Space
I LOVE this! Taylor Swift''s dancing is iconic and she does not disappoint in this video. I would give anything to be her best friend. 

Dogs Get Massages for the First Time
Carrying on with the cute theme - this video of dogs getting massages is just adorable. I didn't know that massage therapy for pets existed, but clearly it's a thing that dogs love! 

Eggnog Cupcakes

How delicious do these cupcakes look? I really want to try making them this weekend - provided eggnog is out for sale! 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I love the links! The Anna Kendrick one is hilarious - Kate spade is doing one hell of a good job this season!


  2. This is awesome, the Taylor Swift one made me laugh. I just did a post on the Kate Spade one too, great minds! :)


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