Cold Weather Essentials

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It has suddenly gotten super cold outside. I think we have officially skipped the rest of Fall and are in the midst of Winter. We even had snow last week!

Now that it's starting to get below 0, it's time to swap our wardrobes once again. Winter can be a tricky season to dress for since it's necessary to ensure that your outfit will look cute and keep you warm. A lot of items in your closet right now can work for the Winter with some minor additions. When it gets cold, I tend to rely on thick stockings under skirts and dresses, jeans, button ups and a cable knit sweater. You can easily throw a cardigan over a sleeveless dress and Bean Boots are a a great replacement for flats. These items paired with my winter coat and accessories are in heavy rotation throughout the winter. 

Some of my cold weather essentials include:

What are your cold weather wardrobe essentials?


  1. It's below 0 where you're at?! You poor girl! We've hit the 20's up my way, but apparently it's going to go near 65 again next week...I can't take it!
    Love your picks, especially the vest. Been dying to get my hands on one's needed!


    1. We measure our temperature in Celsius so it's below zero, but I think we'd still technically be above zero in Fahrenheit measure!!!! The vest is a staple!

  2. It's not quite that cold where I am, but I'm a wimp and I've been transitioning back into winter mode over the past week. This year I definitely need to pick up a pair of bean boots, would you recommend the 6 inch or the 8 inch?


    1. I wrote a handy guide to bean boot shopping:!

      I personally have the 6 inch boot and love them, so I'd recommend those!


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