Decorate Me: Decorating With Flowers

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I bought myself an Orchid for my apartment and it got me thinking how great flowers are. Now that we are approaching cooler weather - I feel like bright and fun flowers are a must have for any home! Whether it be a fresh bouquet every few weeks or hardier plants that will persist indoors, flowers lighten up a room and your mood!

I gathered some inspiration from Pinterest:

Vignettes love the books and this is something I could do at home, good inspiration, simple #bywstudent 

❥ Home Office: Fresh flowers always lighten up the mood of every room. So yes! Great addition to any desk :)

SS Print Shop's Stephanie Sterjovski at Home | The Everygirl // gold, white, pink bedroom // photo by Anna With Love

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Do you decorate with flowers?

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  1. I love the way that flowers can brighten up a room or space! Sunflowers are my favorite to decorate with.


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