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Friday, July 18, 2014

Hooray it's Friday! Personally, I'm very excited today because it's my 22nd birthday and the start of the weekend! Cue the Taylor Swift song (that I've been waiting 2 years to celebrate with!)

Here are your links for the road! 

Dreams Come True: Mary-Kate And Ashley Designed A Wedding Dress

I am in love with this Vogue article! Imagine having two friends well known for their iconic style - design your wedding dress! It's not even fair how fabulous this is! 

How To Select the Right Foundation // Martha Stewart
I have the hardest time finding the right foundation colour. This guide is straight-forward and is definitely something to keep in your back pocket and use while makeup shopping! 

I'm so excited about this! Kate Spade is going to be releasing a swimwear and undergarment line later this year. I cannot wait to see the full collection 

How To Put On Your Face
I saw this floating around the internet and initially refused to watch it (something about viral videos....) I finally cracked and I love it now! The message in this is really inspiring and a great reminder!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Happy birthday! Hope you're feeling 22 today ;)


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