Weekend Links!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Phew, what a week! Between work training (wahoo summer camp!) and making sure everything on the blog runs smoothly while I'm at work, it's been a crazy week! My plans this weekend are definitely low impact as I plan to catch up on missed sleep! 

As always here are some links for the road! 

Look Up Mini Documentary
This is a really interesting perspective on the digital age we live in today. It raises some really good points, but I don't think technology is 100% negative! Watch for yourself and decide!


There seems to be a number of sales happening right now! Kate Spade has a great one going on until July 6th! There are some great limited edition items up for sale now - so head on over to Kate Spade and don't miss out! 

Salted Caramel Chocolate Doughnuts

I came across this picture on Pinterest and managed to track down a recipe. Seriously, go check out this recipe right now and make these over the weekend. You won't regret it.

Alex Goot ft. Against the Current "Find You" cover
I'm pretty sure that I've talked about Alex Goot on the blog before. He is an amazing artist who makes YouTube videos (both covers and original stuff). He just teamed up with Against the Current to cover "Find You" by Zedd and I love it!! It's so soulful and also really fun! 

What are your weekend plans?


  1. The Look Up Documentary bugged me a little... maybe it's because I'm a social media queen, but there are so many positives to this internet world, and I feel like I have truly reaped the rewards!

    1. I agree that that internet isn't 100% negative, but I do see the point that he is trying to make in the documentary. Everything in moderation is the key!


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