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Friday, June 20, 2014

This week has had its fair share of ups and downs so I'm pretty happy that it's over. I can't believe that another month (and quarter) is coming to an end so quickly! This weekend I'm planning on playing catch up with responding to comments and getting prepared to start a new quarter of the year! 

As always, here are some links for the road! 


DIY iPhone Case / Martha Stewart

Make your own fabric covered iPhone case with Martha Stewart. This is a really simple tutorial with few steps to keep up with. These cases could make fun gifts for the techie in your life. 

On The Line
I found this game while browsing the App Store and impulsively decided to buy it. The concept is simple - follow the line with your finger. However it gets tricky really quickly! A great game if you need a little break from work!

New Arrivals / Mark and Graham

I can admit that my love for monogramming is a little crazy (though I would never place a monogram on my big toe....) so when I saw the new arrivals at Mark and Graham, I was pretty excited. I would consider this brand to be a little on the higher end side - so to me some of the items are investments! I really love the Oxford top and broach! 

Competitive Foursome 

This video is awesome and hilarious! These four women push the boundaries of playing classical music while adding in a comedic aspect. This video gave me a great laugh and left me wanting to pick up the piano again! 

What are your weekend plans?


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