Weekend Links

Friday, June 6, 2014

TGIF! The weekend is upon us once again which means Weekend Links! 
Here are your links for the road!

The History of Laudree Macarons
Everyone loves macarons! They are cute, colourful and delicious. This Martha Stewart video takes you behind the scenes of the most well known macaron producer: Laudree. It was really interesting to learn a bit about their history and macarons in general!

Food Inc.
It had been a while since I had watched this documentary, so I decided to sit down and watch it again. DO NOT watch this if you a) are hungry b) don't want to give up meat.
I was in shock and horror after watching Food Inc., which led me to make the executive decision to give up ALL meat (the plot will thicken on this one....)

J. Crew Summer Sale!
J. Crew is having a great little sale now through the 8th. Use the code SUMMERTIME to receive 25% off of select summer favourites! You can scroll through the widget to see my picks or head on over to J. Crew to see everything!

Side Part French twist: Bumble and Bumble second day hairstyles
I love this little series on Sephora's Youtube page! Using second day hair, Bumble and Bumble's pret -a-powder and a few hair pins you can create this timeless hairdo in under 5 minutes! 

What plans do you have for the weekend?


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  2. Such a cute interview with Lauderee. Thanks for sharing. Feeling totally inspired to attempt macaroons now.

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

    1. Awesome! I hope the turn out better than my attempt!


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