3 Step Manicure

Monday, June 23, 2014

Today I have a quick how-to for you that puts my last nail polish post to great use. Once in a while I love to splurge on a manicure, but most of the time I do them for myself at home. I've managed to narrow my process down into three key steps which result in a great looking and long lasting manicure!

1. Prep - Get your nails ready by shaping with an emery board, cleaning with a quick swipe of nail polish remover on a cotton ball, and moisturizing the nail bed with some cuticle oil. Follow up with your favourite base coat. 

2. Paint - Refer to my mani-pedi chart to determine your polish colours! Once you decide on your perfect pairing paint your nails by dropping a small dot of polish on the base of the nail and then spread it up and to the sides. You most likely will need to repeat this step because most nail polishes do not look so great with a single coat. 

3. Protect - If I've got to get out of the door, I will use these awesome quick dry drops. They basically freeze the polish so that you can go about your day. When I have time to sit and relax, I turn to a regular top coat. Though the drops are convenient - they do not keep your manicure for as long as a standard top coat. 

Voila! Stare in awe at your fabulous DIY manicure!

Do you prefer at home or salon manicures? 

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  1. So I've never gotten my nails done at a salon :D The price just seems soooo much for something I can do in 3 easy steps at home!

    A Thing of Beauty


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