Lilly Pultizer Summer Prints

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Most people I know love Lilly Pulitzer.
It's such a fun brand and I think what I love the most is how they take classic silhouettes and make them super fun with their prints! I always look forward to the release of each season's prints. This fun video shows just how much work goes into creating a new Lilly Pulitzer print!

The Summer 2014 prints are so beautiful and I heard that the 2015 agendas are going to be released with some of these prints. I can't wait to get mine!!

Lilly Pulitzer Summer '14- Get Crackin Print

Get Crackin' (scroll to shop)

Jellies Be Jammin' is one of our favorite Summer prints!

Jellies be Jammin (my personal fave)
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Sea Soiree (Scroll to shop)

Mojo (scroll to shop)

Do you have a favourite print?


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