Decorate Me: Gallery Walls

Monday, May 12, 2014

It's been a while since I've featured a "Decorate Me" post on the blog. Truthfully I haven't had much inspiration lately. The rigour of day to day tasks have left me feeling quite uninspired and bored. Thankfully, Pinterest exists to help re-inspire me whenever I get this feeling. 

This time I saw a really beautiful gallery wall and thought how beautiful it would be to have one in my apartment. I have a lot of blank wall space (that is painted a boring shade of taupe) which could be used to make a gallery wall. Being able to fill a wall with beautiful items would definitely be a much better use of this space and it would hopefully serve as a source of inspiration for me.

Fantastic modern-vintage gallery wall. (I really love the idea of combining new and old family photos with shadow boxes and artwork you've collected over the years!)

Cannot tell you how much I adore this room.  So much so, that I used the word ADORE which I never do.

Loving this gallery wall

{Gallery Walls} | The Style Scribe*gallery wall....sideboard...chair

The biggest task will be finding the perfect prints, photos, and objects for this project - but luckily I have all summer to do so. 

Do you have a gallery wall?



  1. I love the second and fourth walls - thanks for the inspiration!

    - Amanda -


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