Weekend Links

Friday, May 30, 2014

I can't believe that this is the last weekend in May! This year is seriously flying by. I'm really looking forward to the (official) start of summer in a couple of weeks! All that I have planned this weekend is reading outside (friend me on Goodreads to see what I'm reading) and maybe some wine tasting!

As always here are some links for the road!

Heaven dances to 'Happy'
I know that everyone is tired of this song - but this video will make you smile. Three year old Heaven and her mother are the most adorable dancing duo! They appear on the Ellen show from time to time and I am in love with their most recent appearance!

Pink Tartan
I recently came across the Pink Tartan brand and I'm in love. This preppy Canadian brand is inspired by Kimberley Newport-Mimran's (the founder) grandmother's super chic style. Classic silhouettes plus gorgeous fabrics equals ultimate sophistication! I can't wait to add a few pieces to my closet!

Bumble and Bumble Second day hairstyles 
I love this little series on Sephora's YouTube channel. Lean how to create really cute hairstyles on second day hair with the help of some awesome Bumble and Bumble hair products (I live for the black hair powder) This half-crown braid is perfect for a a weekend at the beach or cottage! 


Tiffany and Co. Flagship
I am so in love with the photos of the new Tiffany flagship store on the Champs-Elysees in France. A winding marble staircase takes you through three floors of signature Tiffany jewelry and accessories. I need to make a trip there soon!  

Have a great weekend! 
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imPress Manicure Review

Thursday, May 29, 2014

As someone who has a hard time keeping nail polish on, I was pretty excited to try the imPress manicure. In each kit you receive 24 polished press on nails in different sizes to fit your needs. Unlike normal press-on nails, you can completely skip the nail glue - because these nails have an adhesive strip on the back to hold them in place! Skip the waiting - just press and go! 

I really love the idea of no fuss nails, but I think I'm only meant to wear press-on nails for a very short period of time. As someone who uses her hands quite a bit, the nail length kind of got in the way of my day to day activities. I would definitely wear these for special occasions though. The application was quick, the removal fast and my own nails were left intact (unlike salon nails).

If you're a no fuss girl like me - definitely try these out in lieu of spending hours in a nail salon before your next big event. They are available in tons of different colours and patterns to compliment your outfit!

You can pick up the imPress manicure kit at Wal-Mart!

*I recieved this product complimentary from Influenster for review. All opinions are 100%  honest and my own.
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Kate Spade x Lifeguard Press Agendas

It's that time of year when agendas for the new year start to surface. Last year I was blown away by the collaboration between Kate Spade and Lifeguard Press. As a stationery lover (read: hoarder) I was so so so excited to get my hands on the cards, notebooks and of course agendas. 

I love agendas. I may or may not spend hours on YouTube watching agenda organizing and decor videos (so many amazing planners and ideas)!  Currently I have two planners: one for personal use and another for blogging purposes. For the blog I am currently using the Kate Spade x Lifeguard Press agenda in the glasses print. The 2015 designs just came out and now I'm trying to decide which one to get! 

2015 kate spade new york 17-month agenda2015 kate spade new york 17-month agenda - black stripe
2015 kate spade new york 17-month agenda - painterly cheetah2015 kate spade new york 17-month agenda - bella bookshelf

From left to right: Gold Dot, Black Stripe, Painterly Cheetah, Bella Bookshelf

Aren't they all so cute?!!? I'm torn between the gold dot and the bookshelf print - but I want to know which print is your favourite!!


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Pantone Colour of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Purple is one of my favourite colours, so I was pretty excited when I found out that Pantone chose Radiant Orchid to be it's colour of the year. It's been out for a while now, but the colour is so great that it is being carried through all seasons! Personally, I think it's SO perfect for summer since it's so fun and feminine. I love it!

Designers are also loving it, because Radiant Orchid is popping up everywhere. From fashion to beauty, you can sport this colour any way you choose!

Shop this post:



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Chic Swimwear

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Out of nowhere it has gotten super hot, and all I can think about is how much I'd love to be sitting by the pool. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the one-piece swimsuit. I think it gets a bad rep for being dowdy, but recently designers have been coming out with super chic one pieces. I love all of the swimsuits that I found. They're definitely not boring and are more than perfect for lounging by the pool.

Shop the swimsuits: 

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Essie Summer 2014 Collection

Monday, May 26, 2014

Essie just came out with it's Summer 2014 nail polish collection and I'm super excited.
As an avid Essie user, I'm always excited to hunt down all of the polishes in a new collection. That may seem strange, but it must be the sleuth in me (I love a good mystery). 

urban jungle - neautrals by essie fierce no fear - neutrals by essieroarrrrange - corals by essie
strut your stuff - blues by essieruffles and feathers - greens by essiehaute in the heat - reds by essie

Left to right: Urban Jungle, Fierce no Fear, Roarrrrange, Strut Your Stuff, Ruffles and Feathers, Haute in the Heat. 

Shop the collection:

What shade will you be sporting this summer?

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Weekend Links

Friday, May 23, 2014

This week felt super short (probably because we had a long weekend here) and I feel as if I didn't get anything done. Sometimes being on break from school can really hurt my work ethic.

This week's links are quite random so let's dive in! 

Kate Spade - Chelsea In Bloom
I love this little video so much! Kate Spade entered a floral art show in London and created a display based off of their recent Rio collection. They won the competition (of course) with the amazing display shown in the video!

DKNY Sandals
Walking in any type of heel is not my forte - but I would be willing to struggle for these super chic sandals. Paired with a light summer dress, these sandals are a summer staple.

Teen Vogue - Strictly Ballet
This new series on Teen Vogue's YouTube channel follows six ballet students at the American School of Ballet in NYC. I love the point of view of the students, as they work so hard to get recognized and ultimately hired.

Coast to Coaster Set
I love these cute coasters! I saw them on Pinterest and tracked them down to Anthropologie. Show of your coast pride with these simple wooden coasters! How fun!


MAGIC! - Don't Kill the Magic
This is such a feel good song. I always catch myself bopping along when it comes on. I'll probably have this song on repeat all weekend long! 

I hope you have a great weekend! 
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J. Crew for Paperless Post

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Though I prefer a good handwritten card - I can't help but love the new J. Crew collection for Paperless Post. If you don't know Paperless Post is an e-card (an sometimes paper card) company which offers chic paperless invitations and greeting cards. They team up with designers from time to time and I was really excited when I read that J. Crew was their newest partner. 

Luckily for me (and maybe you) these cards are available in both online and paper format for a small price. You can shop the collection now and see some of my favourites below: 

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Statement Necklaces with Stella And Dot!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I like to keep it quite simple when it comes to jewelry, but I can't help loving the statement necklaces over at Stella and Dot. While they are statement pieces, they are not suuuper flashy - which is just what I need.

Stella and Dot is a great company with a commitment to quality. All of their items are handmade in New York with care.

I think any of these necklaces would be a perfect addition to a little black dress or jeans and a basic tee.

Aren't these great pieces? My favourite would have to be the Coral Cay Necklace. I love how vibrant it is!

Which is your favourite?
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Summer Style: Espadrilles

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I've been seeing espdadrilles being featured in various style posts! I think they are the go-to shoe for the summer. I love the style of these shoes and the numerous variations you can find them in. Patterns, solids, glittered - there are a pair for everyone.

I put together a collection of espadrilles that I think will go perfectly with any summer outfit. Pair these with a dress, shorts or jeans (for cooler days) and you're good to go!

Shop the collection: 


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How To: Find Your Signature Scent

Monday, May 19, 2014

Do you love the idea of having a signature scent, but find the process overwhelming? Well today I'm going to give you some tips that will help you find your perfect scent. Perfume shopping can be scary - especially when people start approaching you left right and center trying to make a sale. Hopefully with my advice - the process of perfume shopping can be fun!

The goal is to find a scent that is memorable and will remind people of you. Something you can wear to work, a date and even special occasions because of it's versatility and memorability will be best. So here we go!

1. Learn about fragrance notes
Everyone interprets smells differently so this step is pretty important. All perfumes have top, heart and base notes. The top note is what you smell immediately when you spray the perfume, the heart note appears second and is meant to mask the scent of the base note - as they become more pleasant over time. The base note is the deepest note and is the main note of the perfume.

2. Use the paper tabs
If you are shopping at the department store, then make use of the tabs. Though testing perfume on skin is the best way to go - it may not be realistic if you are testing many perfumes. Also, when you use the tabs you can continue to interpret the notes as they appear over time. Try not to rub these tabs on your nose (I'm guilty of this) as it will hinder you from being able to interpret other scents later on.

3. Be fearless
It's okay to try new things. Finding a signature scent is all about you, so don't limit yourself by following assumptions and reputations. For example many people say that Chanel No. 5 is "an old lady scent" but it may be everything your looking for in a perfume. Go out there and try any scent you're interested in. It's the best way to find what you like and don't like!

4. Try custom
If nothing on the market works for you, try going to an apothecary or perfumery. Here you can select your own notes to make a perfume. The staff at these locations are usually very knowledgeable and will help you create your own personal scent! No one will have the same scent as you!

These are great scents for beginners!

PS: If you're curious, my signature scent is Calvin Klein Euphoria! I just love it!

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Weekend Links

Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm so glad it's Friday! This week has had it's fair share of ups and downs and I'm really looking forward to the long weekend (though it's supposed to rain for the duration...)
I don't have much planned at the moment other than catching up on some reading and spending time chasing my cat around. The life! 

As always here are links for the road!

Entrance Hall

Ralph Lauren's Bedford Home
I don't have many words for this. It's just perfect. I scrolled through this slideshow looking like the 'heart-in-eyes' emoji.

Piano Tiles
My sister introduced me to this game and I'm afraid that I'm addicted. It's kind of like tap-tap but if you miss a tile it's all over. Frustrating but so much fun.


Rifle Paper Co. + Garance Dore
I love Rifle Paper so when I heard about this new collaboration, I was pretty excited! This collection is super chic and mature - traits which are getting hard to find in stationery these days.

Shop the collection 


French Twist Tutorial
This tutorial by Kate Spade is quite old, but I was attempting a french twist one day and failing miserably. I stumbled upon this tutorial and it was very easy to follow resulting in a chic updo. I will most likely sport this hairdo over the weekend if the monsoon like weather continues. 

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

I can't believe it has been two years since I started The Preppy Scientist. What started as a way to combat my boredom has become so much more! I have met wonderful friends, worked with awesome companies and really feel that I have found my voice as a blogger. I treated myself to Photoshop for this milestone and I'm so excited to start adding new and exciting content to the blog! 

One thing I learned this year is not to put pressure on myself. I was getting caught up on being a real 'blogger' that I forgot why I started this blog in the first place - for fun. I think in order to be a real blogger, you need to blog for yourself first and not get caught up in analytics, follower counts and all of that crazy stuff. Stay true to yourself always and you will never fall out of love with blogging! 

Thanks so much for sticking around. As long as you're here, I will be too. 
Here's to the future of The Preppy Scientist!

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Preppy Scientist Playlist (No. 15)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I've been really inspired by all types of music lately, so I decided to throw together a playlist. I really like to listen to these songs when I'm working at the computer, because it's like having a small party at my desk which takes my mind off of how bored I am....

I also decided to switch the layout of these playlists. I liked the videos but it didn't quite fill up the space of the blog if you know what I mean. Underneath this image is a link to this playlist on YouTube.


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Kate Spade: On Purpose

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm really excited about this! Kate Spade has recently launched a line called "On Purpose" that seeks to help 150 women in Rwanda become profitable suppliers, in the end helping their communities become stable economically. They will even be providing paid benefits to these women.

I truly love when companies have these types of initiatives. It makes me love them even more! 
The items that Kate Spade are selling for this line are super chic. PLUS Jack Spade and Kate Spade Saturday are also participating - there's something for everyone! 

Shop the collections: Kate Spade - Jack Spade - Kate Spade Saturday 
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Decorate Me: Gallery Walls

Monday, May 12, 2014

It's been a while since I've featured a "Decorate Me" post on the blog. Truthfully I haven't had much inspiration lately. The rigour of day to day tasks have left me feeling quite uninspired and bored. Thankfully, Pinterest exists to help re-inspire me whenever I get this feeling. 

This time I saw a really beautiful gallery wall and thought how beautiful it would be to have one in my apartment. I have a lot of blank wall space (that is painted a boring shade of taupe) which could be used to make a gallery wall. Being able to fill a wall with beautiful items would definitely be a much better use of this space and it would hopefully serve as a source of inspiration for me.

Fantastic modern-vintage gallery wall. (I really love the idea of combining new and old family photos with shadow boxes and artwork you've collected over the years!)

Cannot tell you how much I adore this room.  So much so, that I used the word ADORE which I never do.

Loving this gallery wall

{Gallery Walls} | The Style Scribe*gallery wall....sideboard...chair

The biggest task will be finding the perfect prints, photos, and objects for this project - but luckily I have all summer to do so. 

Do you have a gallery wall?

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Weekend Links

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Friday! This has been such a great week. You may have noticed that I am now a part of the Her Campus Blogger Network. I'm really excited about this because I'll get to connect to so many amazing bloggers while growing The Preppy Scientist! 

I'm also heading home for the summer which is something I'm looking forward to. I haven't had a real 'break' in a long time - so I think this will good for me! 

With that said - here are some links for the road!

Sara Bareilles - I Choose You
I love this song already - but the video makes it so much better. Grab some tissues and watch Sara help out two awesome proposals. You will need the tissues (trust me). 

This tunic from J. Crew. 
I love tunics and this one just takes the cake. The embroidery is flawless and the subtle stripes are fun. I think this is a great piece that can be worn to the beach and beyond! 

Bee Schaffer sits down with Andrew Bevan
Bee Schaffer is Anna Wintour's daughter and in this really cute interview, she talks about growing up Wintour and opting out of pursuing a career in fashion. 

 Croque Madame Croissant Recipe

The Croque Madame
I saw this on Pinterest and immediately needed to find the recipe. It. Looks. Delicious. Plus it's a French recipe (and I really love French food) so I'm really excited to try it out for Sunday brunch. I think this would go great with a creamy iced coffee and some berries! 

What are your weekend plans?
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Essie Spring 2014 Collection

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I love Essie nail polish! There are so many fantastic colours and they always seem to be coming out with even more. I have my fair share of Essie polishes and I'm really excited to buy the Spring 2014 collection The colours are perfect pastel shades that are sure to make any manicure or pedicure look perfect.

These Spring colours are just fab! 

Hide and Go Chic

fashion playground - greens by essie

Fashion Playground

romper room - pinks by essie

Romper Room

spin the bottle - neutrals by essie

Spin the Bottle 

style hunter - pinks by essie

Style Hunter 

truth or flare - blues by essie

Truth or Flare 

Shop the collection below: 

Which colour will you be sporting this spring?
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Kate Spade New Arrivals - Rio

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I am seriously loving what Kate Spade is doing this year. Taking inspiration from world travelling and translating it into beautiful clothing. I think I get a little too excited whenever I find out that there are new arrivals - but I can't help it.

This collection is all about Rio and it's on point. The colours, shapes and fun toucan are exactly what I would expect a Kate Spade girl travelling in Rio to wear. I wish I could just buy everything.

Shop my favourite items:

Me saying I'm obsessed with this collection is definitely an understatement. Just stunning.

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