UNICEF Tap Project

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm really excited to share this blog post today. When I was in high school I loved Model UN. I was a member of my school's Model UN team every year and I lived for competing. I also loved being able to learn about the UN itself and all of it's initiatives. I believe the UN is truly a wonderful organization that connects us in ways that we don't even know. For a few years after high school, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with UNICEF in different capacities. I love how UNICEF advocates for children through their many initiatives.

Today I'm talking about the tap project. This one is easy. 
We're always so connected to our devices. I'm guilty of having my phone in one hand, iPad in the other and the computer in front of me. What would you say if for every 10 minutes you go without your phone, you can provide a child in a developing country with 1 day of clean drinking water.

Try it out! On your mobile device click this link and take the challenge! 
You will change a child's life. 

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