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Monday, February 10, 2014

It's been quite a while since I've had one of these lists up - and quite frankly they are my favourite posts to write. I'd like to believe that crazy things don't just happen to me all of the time. I mean sometimes I really think there are secret cameras following me around and capturing every unfortunate event that happens.

1. To avoid every patch of ice and then fall going up the stairs
2. To buy a bag of candy for baking and eat it all....before baking
3. To take the extra long way to class to avoid seeing a certain person along the way
4. To sleep through five alarms, leaving only 20 minutes to get ready for class
5. To buy more clothes instead of doing laundry
6. To have the entire dinner you cooked fall off of the stove and onto the floor
7. To freak out over losing your glasses, only to find them clipped to your shirt
8. To binge-watch Suits and pretend to be a lawyer
9. To suck up a 10 dollar bill into the vacuum
10. To spend a good hour in Target choosing between two throw pillows

Tell me something in this list has happened to you!

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