Down to a Science: New Semester Tips!

Friday, January 3, 2014

It's a new semester for me, which means it's time to get reorganized. I find that towards the end of each semester things get super hectic and downright messy. I think it's super important to start of each semester with a clean slate, and that means organized! 

I have a system that I use to get organized at the start of a new semester, and today I'm going to share it with you! These tips have worked for me since I started university!

1. Organize and archive old notes.
If you use your computer for notes like I do, now is the time to move them from your computer to an external hard drive or USB drive! I make a folder for each semester and store the notes there. If you use paper notes, organize them into a labeled binder and store them away. 

2. Create new folders for each subject.
Pretty self explanatory. I like to keep my folders on the desktop for easy access to the files I need! 

3. Read Syllabi and write down key dates.
Most professors will upload the syllabus before the first class. That is the time to print off a copy for yourself and to write down all of the important dates into your planner. This will ensure that you are aware of  deadlines and test dates well in advance, and that you are prepared for them. 
As a TA I noticed that a lot of students would ask questions about things that were outlined in the syllabus (huge pet peeve), so reading it thoroughly will put you ahead of the game. 

4. Make a hard copy of your timetable
I love having a copy of my timetable on the wall. It makes it easy for me to budget my time each day and schedule in any meetings that I may have. You could print your timetable from your school software or write it out on some cute stationery (like me)!

Lastly, treat yourself because you are now ahead of game this semester! 


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