Out With a Bang....

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

By every December 31st - I wonder how another year just flew by! 
Today is no different! 

I definitely feel that I've changed a lot this year, and I'm ready to see what 2014 brings.

This year I learned to say yes more, struggled through a fairly large slump, experienced an amazing internship, turned twenty-one, found peace in not always being first, committed myself to growing the blog, learned to let go of something no longer bringing me happiness and redefined my normal

Phew! What a whirlwind! 

I'm not really into resolutions - but this year I do have a set of solid goals that I'd like to accomplish. 
You can find these goals on the brand new page 30 in 365

I've committed to challenging myself to accomplish 30 goals (some small, some huge) over the next 365 days, and I will document my progress right here on the blog! I hope you'll join me for the ride and even come up with your own lists. 

Here we go....2014 - I'm ready!

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