The Best Sweaters Ever

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Okay, before I begin - let me apologize for my brief hiatus on the blog. It was totally unexpected and it totally drove me crazy but I'm so happy to be back.

Moving on..

I love a good sweater. Especially in this mix of Fall and Winter weather we are experiencing. They are super easy to pair with an oxford, jeans and a pair of boots. As a matter of fact - I have been wearing variations of that outfit everyday. 

Now I have a specific sweater that I love and it's from Old Navy.
I really really love the Classic V-neck sweaters. They have definitely become a 'basic' in my wardrobe and they come in so many fun colours! 

Now, I will warn you that I have a love hate relationship with Old Navy. While their clothes are reasonably priced and come in a wide variety - they don't always fit (if you know what I mean). If you don't mind a few trips to the tailor though, I highly recommend these sweaters! 


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