Monday, September 30, 2013

Things have been a little quieter around here and there is a good reason. Truly in a perfect world, I would only share my ups and love of clothing on this blog - but the world is not perfect as I've come to realize. Lately I've been...a mess (and that's putting it nicely). I'm overworked, overly stressed and unhappy. 

Let me explain. I love everything that I do - I mean that. I love what I study in school, I love being involved on campus and I love to be available for my friends. But recently what  has been hard is balancing it all. I want to say yes to everything and be able to give 100% to it all but by doing that I've failed to take care of myself. 

(SJP knows how I feel)

My apartment is always messy (horrific), I'm always feeling confused and sometimes I'm even content with just doing things to get them over with in comparison to putting time and effort into them (sadly, this blog has gotten such treatment). I'm always tired, or nursing a migraine or on the verge of having a breakdown. And in addition to all of that, my constant exhaustion has led me to feel bitter and be snippy at people I care about. 

How horrible. 

So while it's been fairly quiet around The Preppy Scientist, I've just been trying to deal with it all. And though I'm ready to create a bit more noise now - there are still many things I need to work through so I can feel somewhat normal again. 

Do you ever feel like it's all too much?

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