Monday, June 24, 2013

Last month when I attended a conference, we were shown this video called Life Lessons through Tinkering. At first I didn't really see how it related to the curriculum of the conference, but once the video ended I completely understood. 

Watch  Gever Tully's (the owner of the Tinkering School) Ted Talk about his amazing program.

How cool? 

In life I truly believe that we are always tinkering. Unfortunately our plans may not always work out the way we intended, but it's important to celebrate those defeats and learn from them so that we come back stronger and emerge conquer those obstacles stopping us from reaching our goals.

 Personally, I hate making changes to a plan I've made because it's hard to accept that not all of your ideas are the best ones out there. Tinkering with plans is important and beneficial, but it's also a learning process. While it's ridiculous to carry on with the same plan and expect different results, it's very hard to identify which areas of your plan are in need of change. You will have to go back to the drawing board many times and it will get frustrating, but when you finally reach that goal that you are so eager to attain - nothing will feel better. 

Take my word for it and get Tinkering. 


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