I Don't Know How She Does It

Monday, June 17, 2013

I spent most of this weekend recovering from an allergy attack, which actually means I was trapped in bed watching Netflix. One of my favourite movies to watch on Netflix is I Don't Know How She Does It - especially when life becomes extra difficult. 

While I don't have children, I can still relate to SJP's character in this film. It's a constant struggle to keep every aspect of my life above water and keep all the sharks at bay. 

 In my life I find that there is always something to get done. I love keeping busy - so projects are great, but if they aren't done perfectly there are always people waiting in the wings to bring you down. I can't mention how many times I've completed a project that I'm proud of, only to have it torn apart by people who think they can do a better job.

 I somehow manage to keep it all together in front of the crowd but that is followed by many tears, migraines and green tea at home. Having a thick skin is very important, but it doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes I wish there was a how-to guide for life, but since there isn't I'll keep working hard and make the decisions I feel are right. 


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