Hey it's Okay!

Monday, June 3, 2013

1. To buy nail polish even though you know it won't get used
2. To plan a birthday party for your cat
3. To spend hours on Pinterest when you have a paper to write 
4. To spend 4 hours in Target researching bathroom rugs and leaving the store without one
5. To forget about people who cling on to negativity
6. To consider quitting something that doesn't make you happy anymore - even if deep down you really really love it
7. To go to the hairdresser to get bangs, but chicken out and leave
8. To listen to Christmas carols in June
9. To get really excited over finding paper tape at Target 
10. To deal with a swollen tongue because it was too hard to pass up shrimp for dinner



  1. Totally agreed... especially about Pinterest! I could spend hours on it!
    xox Rachael

  2. hello! New follower here! I'm a friend of Rachael's! love your blog, girl!

    with love, Ashliegh


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