5 Ways to Have A Better Morning

Friday, June 21, 2013

Mornings are hard, especially when the weekend is so close. Despite this fact, there are always things that we can do to improve our lives! 

Today I challenge you to make your mornings better with the following tips:

Clock by Anthroplogie

1. Wake up earlier.
Sounds pretty strange at first, but waking up 10-15 minutes earlier in the morning will cut back on the 'morning rush' and allow you to take on the day relaxed and ready for anything! 

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2. Plan out your day the night before. 
Life can definitely be unpredictable and you never truly know what will happen to you on any given day - but if you jot down some things you would like to accomplish the next day, come the morning you will have an idea of what the day ahead will look like.

Big Apple Tea by Davids Tea

3. Make a cup of your favourite tea.
Tea is super refreshing and will definitely wake you up.

4. Read some (happy) news and check the weather.

Reading a couple of positive news stories will lift your mood and checking the weather will make sure you don't step out in the pouring rain with sandals on. 

5. Do a good deed.
Give your seat on the transit to someone else, buy a Starbucks for the person in line behind you, smile at a stranger. Doing a good deed makes us feel great and also improves someone else's morning! 

How do you have a better morning?

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