Reblog: Just Say Yes

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Recall this pretty profound post? Well, we're revisiting it today.
I challenged myself to say yes to people and to become more social.

To be honest, this whole project hasn't been as successful as I had hoped. I have met some great people this year and have had some interesting experiences, but being more social didn't make me happier. As much as I wanted to be around people, I still preferred staying at home alone and reading.

I'm stuck in my introvert ways - and instead of forcing myself to become this extroverted woman, I need to learn to embrace the person I am.

I was inspired by this Ted Talk to accept and be proud of being and introvert.

This doesn't mean that I (or you) should shut yourself off from the world completely, but rather not be ashamed of being an introvert and enjoying your alone time.


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